Vestibules are seasonal or permanent enclosures that are installed at the doorway or entrance of a building, storefront, restaurant or facility.They are durable and may be customized to suit your specific project and  business needs. 

Vestibules are very popular during the winter season, they create a barrier from the freezing winds and cold into the interior of your building offering a terrific way to maintain warmer temperatures. However they may also be used in various other ways such as, provide additional dining space at restaurants, lobby extension or waiting area for customers, showrooms, additional entertainment space/area, attractive door coverings.


In a nutshell:

  • They are attractive and a great way to build on your brand visibility
  • Reduce heating costs during the winter months
  • Are customizable in size, shape & design
  • Provide an enhanced customer experience
  • Durable and cost-effective

Looking to order a vestibule for your upcoming project? We’d love to brainstorm on some great ideas and recommendations to suit your specific business needs.

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