Upload & File prep


FOR PRINT (Prioritized in order):

  • JPG (Make sure the artwork is full size) – save as high quality jpg.
  • Preferred Vector Formats – AI, Outlined PDF or Outlined EPS
  • EPS (for both print and print-and-cut applications)
  • PDF (If jpg is not available or file size is too large then in most cases PDF will work) – save as Press Quality or High Quality – please make sure images are embedded
  • TIFF (last resort, as it is usually the largest file size without adding anything crucial to the resolution)


  • 300 dpi minimum.
  • 72 dpi is acceptable only if the file is at full scale and if higher resolution artwork not available.


  • Fonts outlined/ embedded. This is a must-have requirement, otherwise results may not be acceptable.
  • No crop marks needed Artwork should be provided at full size.
  • Please save in RGB for digital prints and specify any Pantone colors etc. that will need to be matched.
  • Bleeds for banners only.
  • If preparing from InDesign, please collect for output and send all links and fonts, along with an exported pdf version at high quality.
  • If using black, convert CMYK values to 100.
  • For installs, precise measurements and pictures will be required to create mock up proofs.

Feel free to contact us to find out any other information. 212-925-8585