Traditional? Digital? Both?

Traditional Sign, Digital Sign or Both?

As business professionals we are faced with hundreds of decisions to make every day. One of the most important decisions is how to get people in the front door with a limited budget. Signs always help but which type of sign should you choose? We would like to make the decision a little easier for you by explaining the value of both traditional and digital signage.

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When we say traditional signage we are referring to more static types of signage like flags and banners, illuminated and non-illuminated sign letters, awnings and neon. Traditional signage is valuable for brand recognition, creating a certain atmosphere or making your location a landmark. You will notice this with many restaurants that may have digital menu boards but still use traditional static signage for brand recognition. Traditional static signage also provides a sense of permanence of the business.

Digital signage refers to signs that allow for changing messages. These signs are sometimes referred to as digital menus, video walls, led walls, or electronic message boards. Digital signage is valuable for a number of reasons. It can help catch the eye of those passing by and get them to take notice. Digital signage is very flexible – it has the ability to change messages quickly or test campaigns in different markets. Also, we can make the signage more interactive and engaging.
In our experience both traditional and digital signage are important. Here is why:

Traditional static signage cannot do what traditional signage can do and digital signage cannot do what static or traditional signage can do. In order to capture potential customers attention and build a lasting relationship both are required. The correct combination needs to be evaluated on a project by project basis. If you want to find out what options are available for your next project, call or email us today by email at or by phone at 212-925-8585.

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