Thursday, April 21, 2022

Having recently opened their first Manhattan location in NoHo, Rise Nation offers a unique take on high intensity training. Rise Nation was started in 2014 by renowned trainer Jason Walsh, who saw a gap in the industry and decided to create a simple concept. Using an upright climbing machine during a 30-minute class, Rise Nation visitors can enjoy their workouts surrounded by custom signage designed, fabricated and installed by Sign Expo. In this blogpost we will dive deeper in the types of signage we created for Rise Nation. 

For this project we created a variety of different signage types for the client. Both on the interior and exterior, we made sure customers visiting Rise Nation for a workout are welcomed by professional looking and welcoming signage. Starting on the interior, we fabricated a lightbox and installed it on the entryway wall. 

rise nation lightboxLightbox

To install on the exterior, right above the store front, we fabricated and installed front lit channel letters with LED illumination. Copying the Rise Nation logo, these letters were fabricated in their signature colors: yellow and white. The illuminated letters make sure the location stands out in the busy NoHo streets and draws attention to the business, sparking the interest of those who pass by. Besides the lettering, we fabricated and installed a blade sign as well. A blade sign helps point visitors in the direction of your store, making the location of your entrance findable from a far distance. The LED illuminated letters combined with the blade sign makes the perfect combination for Rise Nation to be noticed by (potential) customers.

As you can see, there are different types of signage that can help with branding your business and making it stand out. If you want any more information on the different types of signage listed above, don't hesitate to contact us!