Thursday, June 2, 2022

Walking down the street they are usually what catches your eye: exterior signs. Without realizing, customers automatically look for the right one when looking for a particular store or establishment. That’s why having a decent sign on your exterior is so important.

An exterior sign is a type of signage that’s usually mounted on a building facade or storefront, anywhere in clear eyesight of bypassing traffic. To actually draw the attention of these bypassers to your store, exterior signs are probably the most effective way. There are a few different kinds of outdoor signs, ranging from blade signs to swing signs and lightboxes.

Because an exterior sign sticks out from the building, it also functions as a wayfinding sign. Both potential customers and customers actively looking for your store can spot it from a far distance, and use it to easily navigate to the entrance. A great benefit to this type of signage is that they are double-sided, making it easy for customers to recognize your store no matter which direction they’re coming from. 

Not only are exterior signs very convenient for navigating, they also make a great way to brand your business. Because of their versatility and the ability to design them in various ways, shapes and sizes, they can easily be designed and produced in a way that perfectly fits your business. 

Below you can see a perfect example of the effectiveness of having an outdoor sign, in this case a swing sign. The design of the sign makes it pop in the street view and the logo clearly displays what kind of establishment the customer can expect. 

swing sign

Though they are most popular for exterior use, these types of signs don’t necessarily have to be installed on the exterior of your establishment. Blade and swing signs can also be used for interior use, mostly for navigation purposes. Think about having your establishment located in a big shopping mall or food court, a blade sign could come in handy to draw the attention of the shopping crowds and guide them to your business. 

Exterior signs are a great option if you are interested in basic signage, because they get the job done quickly and efficiently while still branding your business in a way that’s suitable for the brand.