Revolutionary New Perforated Window Film

Perforated Window Film

Perforated window film is vinyl that is perforated with a pattern of round, evenly spaced holes. The advantage of perforated window film is that it allows graphics printed on a glass surface, such as windows, to be seen from the outside, but appears invisible to the people inside looking out. Perforated window film is sometimes called  “see-through vinyl,” or “one-way film,” but the basic concept is the same.

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In most cases the actual size of the holes are uniform (usually about 1.5mm). It’s the distance between the holes that determines the print coverage vs. visibility. For example, 50/50 perforated window film means that 50 percent of the material is printable area and 50 percent is perforation. The film comes in a number of different hole configurations; 50/50, 60/40 and 70/30 are the most common. The first number in this designation represents the amount of printable area and the second number represents the amount of open (see-through) area.

Perforated window films have been around for many years but in the past the film would need to be applied to the surface of the glass. This could prove very costly when installing on multiple floors. Also if installing on the ground floor there was the risk of people tampering or damaging the film.

Recently a new type of window film has been developed with the adhesive on the front of the printed side. This allows the film to be installed from inside. This product is highly recommended for any business on any floor of a building. Whether on the ground floor or three to five stories up. Also, the product is extremely impressive if your business is on several floor because you can brand the entire space.

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