Below is a list of material product sheets that can be downloaded and printed. These color charts can assist with the design of your next project:

Awning and Umbrella Fabric:


Vinyl Color Charts:

Avery A4 Calendered Opaque Vinyl

Avery A6 Calendered Opaque Vinyl

Avery A9 Cast Opaque Vinyl

Avery A9 Cast Opaque Vinyl – 2

Avery Cast Translucent Vinyl

Avery Reflective and Prismatic Vinyl


Goose Neck Fixtures

Goose Neck Wall Brackets and Plates

Neon Tubing Color Chart-1

Neon Tubing Color Chart-2

Neon Tubing Color Chart-3

Sign Frames and Brackets:

Sign Frames

Sign Holders and Brackets

Metal Color Charts:

Aluminum Sheet Color Chart