Font Selection

Choosing the proper letter style and size is vital to the success of your message.

Limiting your sign to a maximum of 2 styles is important. In almost all cases, more than 2 styles typically does nothing but make it hard to read or makes it look unorganized and fragmented to your viewer. A properly laid out sign also will use only styles that complement one another and do not cause the same type of ‘fragmentation’ when viewed by your potential customers.


Do you have a logo that fits well with your sign copy? Inclusion of graphical elements or a logo should complement the sign message and in most cases not overpower the entire sign. Some logos (Such as McDonald’s, Coca-Cola, etc.) are strong enough brands that virtually no text is needed for their sign-however this is not typical for most business owners who need to send some message to their intended audience.

Neighboring Signs

While your sign should stand on its own; in many cases it is important to examine the signs around you and your type of building or monument to make a determination on the colors, styles or sizes of your sign. Having an exact duplicate of your neighbor’s sign may not be appropriate or effective-but a sign that is harshly different may also send the wrong message for your business.