Color Selection

Evoke the Right Emotions

Color plays a large role in your sign’s effectiveness. Refer to our color guide when designing your sign to ensure that your message is conveying the right tone for your audience. We’ve also provided a few handy design tips to accompany our color reference. Learn more here.

Font Selection

Readability and Difference Matter

We suggest utilizing a maximum of two font styles when designing your sign. Easy-to-read fonts and simple graphic elements are best. It’s also essential to consider the neighboring signage, ensuring your sign stands out in the crowd. Learn more here.


Maximum Readability in Feet

How close does someone have to be to see your sign? This question is essential when determining the best size of your sign and its design. Refer to our chart on our visibility page to discover the best sign size for your maximum impact. Learn more here. 


Product Reference Sheets

We’ve compiled product materials sheets for your easy reference, including Avery vinyl color charts, lighting and neon color charts, sign frame and bracket sizes, and aluminum sheet color chart. Learn more here.