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Want to wow your consumers? Sign Expo® offers a variety of digital printing products that encourage hands-on interaction with your brand.

Interactive walls

Think of it as a giant touch screen—digital signage broadens your ability to advertise, entertain, and educate. An interactive LED sign allows you to:

*  Transform an ordinary wall into a 24-hour window
*  Educate customers on your brand by enabling them to navigate at their own pace
*  Grab their attention at night with the lit screen
*  Communicate with consumers in a new way


Interactive floors

Sign Expo®’s LED floors come to life with every step—a unique and fun way to engage customers of all ages.

If you’d like us to help you make a big impression, please contact us at 212-925-8585 or to learn more about our interactive sign options and determine the appropriate digital printing model for your business. See more examples of our clients interacting with digital signs below.