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Nothing enhances or pulls together an event or trade show like high quality, effective signage. That is why finding the right kind is so important.

You have only one opportunity to leave a lasting impression. Don’t waste this opportunity by picking the wrong solution. Be prepared for both the paparazzi and passing potential customers and make sure your logo makes it into every picture.

We offer lit, unlit and printed displays, 3-D lettering and vinyl lettering for wall, ceiling, counter and pedestal applications.

Anyone can sell you a banner stand or a digital print but we have the expertise to find the specific solutions that will work for you.


Prices for setup in Manhattan during normal business hours with pickup next day.

Rental Package #1

  • Complete Red Carpet Setup
  • 10' wide x 8' high Step and Repeat Vinyl Banner
  • 4' x 10' wide Red Carpet
  • Three Stanchions with Velvet Rope
  • Setup & Removal - 9 am to 5 pm
  • 1 day rental

Rental Package #2

  • Basic Package
  • 8' wide x 8' high Step and Repeat Vinyl Banner
  • Pickup at Sign Expo®, Drop off Next Business Day at Sign Expo®
  • 1 day rental

Rental Package #3

  • Most Popular Package
  • 8' wide x 8' high Step and Repeat Vinyl Banner
  • 4'x10' wide Red Carpet
  • Setup & Removal - 9am to 5pm
  • 1 day rental

Carpet Color Swatches 1

Carpet Color Swatches 2

Additional fees may apply for after-hours setup or removal.
Custom orders are welcome.

Please call today to find out more information.