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Vinyl decals are an effective and economical way to jazz up the exterior of your storefront, restaurant or office.

Sign Expo® offers expertise in vinyl graphic decal production and installation. We will work with you to customize window decals designed with your corporate branding in mind. Vinyl graphic decal installation includes storefront graphics (also known as window decals) and safety decals for office glass.

Our graphic designers and custom fabricators can provide you with a large variety of colors and textures for your vinyl sign letters and decals, including the ability to digitally print and contour cut any shape to your exact specifications.

Five advantages of vinyl:


  1. Cost effective: Vinyl decals are cost-effective. They are practical regardless if for a temporary event or permanent installation.   
  2. Color choices: Pressure sensitive vinyl comes in a variety of colors and textures. We can even print and cut custom colors.
  3. Specialized to any surface: Decals and graphics adhere to most flat surfaces like windows, walls, cars and boats. There is a vinyl material solution for almost every surface!
  4. Speed of production: Production of vinyl decals can be done in a few hours. The whole production usually takes two to three days. Vinyl is quick and easy to install and with the right care can last a long time.
  5. Endless possibilities: Endless variety of finishes and sizes. Some uses include increasing sales, create privacy in offices or simply to decorate walls and glass.



Ready to enhance your exteriors and interior brand recognition? Contact us at 212-925-8585 or signs@signexpo.com to discuss decals and graphics for your business.