Meet SignExpo: Sheilah

Meet Sheilah.

Sheilah is our amazing controller, she makes sure everything goes well and there are no unwanted surprises. She manages all the finances like the best. She has joined our team over six months ago and handles everything as if she has done it at SignExpo for many years. Sheilah’s favorite project are all the signs we have made for Eataly, she likes all of them, always.

  • Sheilah’s favorite food: Humus, falafel, all kinds of healthy stuff.
  • Place she would like to visit: India. But Spain is her favorite place ever, she loves the culture and the people.
  • Something that annoys her: dishonesty.
  • Favorite movie: Well, series actually: The closer.

She calls herself an accountant with a soul of an artist. She loves expressing herself in creative ways but actually sees accounting as a form of art too.


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