Make Them Stop in their Tracks with Guerilla Marketing

Imagine getting a lot of exposure, brand recognition and goodwill for your brand with a marketing stunt without huge costs and time involved. Possible? Yes.

Guerrilla Marketing is the way to go.

Many brands such as Coca Cola, Heineken, McDonalds and Red Bull have been using this tactic for years.
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A good guerilla marketing stunt requires creativity, planning and simplicity. Furthermore, it needs to draw attention and it has to excite people. The key to a successful guerilla stunt is that it is being done in public places where the exposure is high. It is also is important to use the right amount of PR, so it grans the attention of media such as television or magazines

Do you think you can get people to take the stairs instead of an escalator by making it fun? Yes, you can! What if you placed digitally printed vinyl that looks like piano keys on the stairs of a public place like a subway station?

Then when passersby use the stairs the keys of the piano sound. Creative and Simple.

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