Retail store signs range from exterior storefront signs and storefront awnings to interior point-of-purchase displays. An exterior sign often influences that valuable first impression a customer has of your brand, store, and products. These initial moments are critical in converting outside foot traffic to in-store customers.

The experts at Sign Expo® work with retail stores across the nation. We understand the necessity of standing out in congested retail neighborhoods. We help our customers determine what sign solution will make the biggest impact within the surrounding environment. Traditional solutions often include swing signs, window decals, and vinyl decals. Businesses looking for an even larger impact may also consider digital solutions, such as neon lightboxes and digital displays.

Buildings in New York City often have their own challenges with Landmark rules and permits required for exterior signage. Sign Expo® is well versed in the legal requirements and will conduct a site visit to ensure our recommended solution is up to code. Outside of New York City, Sign Expo® is fully prepared to ensure the project meets the city’s unique permit requirements, working closely with the local departments to obtain proper documents. Learn more about our Permit Assistance services here.

If you are a store owner or manager and would like to benefit from Sign Expo®’s years of experience in creating effective retail store signs, call us today at 212-925-8585.