Film Production

Sign Expo® has decades of experience meeting the requirements of the film and television industry both locally and nationwide. We’re mindful of the pressure and deadlines that have to be met when filming on-site and have gained a reputation for going the extra mile to deliver on time. As a result, our work has been seen throughout the world on both the big and the small screen.

Our creative team will help design and develop solutions unique to your production, including custom-made props, digitally printed props, one-of-a-kind signs, custom decals, and custom-made props. Plus, our building wraps and vehicle wraps help our clients set the proper scene. With the ability to work in any location, we’re prepared to meet your needs in any setting.

When working on a production, you cannot take chances with a vendor that cannot deliver. That is why Sign Expo® has been a trusted resource for the film industry for years. Please contact us today and find out how we can help take the guesswork out of the process. Call 212-925-8585 to learn more.