Increase Profits through Technology

Do you think a multinational supermarket can increase their turnover and market share without adding any branches?
The answer is, absolutely!  How? A combination of traditional signage with technology is the key.

Multinational supermarket Tesco launched a project in one of the most hard working countries in the world, Korea.  Korean citizens work hard and cannot waste time shopping for groceries. Tesco realized this issue and came up with a solution.

Tesco decided to bring the store to the people instead of the people to the store. They did this by installing huge digitally printed posters on the walls of Subway station with images of grocery store products. Customers scan codes that belongs to the product they want and the item is immediately added to their shopping cart.  Once the consumer/commuter is finished they check out and the groceries are delivered the same day.

This idea is not only very innovative and simple, it is very convenient as well. Tesco saw its online sales increase by 130%, and the store became the number 1 super market in Korea. This shows what impact signage and technology can have on businesses.

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