Thursday, June 16, 2022

If you are planning a red carpet event, there are many things to think about, arrange and well… plan. Especially in this digital age when everything is captured and thrown on the internet for everyone to see, it’s important to make your event as photogenic as possible. In this blogpost we will tell you more about the aspects you have to think of when planning a red carpet event.

First off all, it is important to have a decent red carpet for your guests to step on and pose for pictures. A red carpet speaks for itself, and can be made in different lengths. Also, a red carpet doesn’t necessarily have to be red, we can create one in a variety of colors. 

Now that we’ve got the carpet part covered, it’s time to think about the right backdrop for your event. There are a few different materials to choose from when it comes to backdrops. Let’s start with the most popular one: vinyl banners. This is the cheapest option when it comes to backdrops and has the quickest turnaround time, hence the reason people choose to go with this material. Though vinyl banners might be the cheapest and fastest option, it might not always be the best. Vinyl banners can sometimes cause issues with lighting and reflectiveness of flashes. 

red carpet event

Then there’s also the option to go with a rigid panel backdrop. This kind of backdrop will not wrinkle in the wind and makes a great backdrop for pictures. However, a disadvantage of this kind of backdrop is that it needs to be installed by professionals. 

If you want to make sure to have the best backdrops for the paparazzi pictures that are going to be snapped, the best decision might be to go with a fabric backdrop. Fabric is non reflective and makes it the best option for a red carpet event. At Sign Expo we offer three different Red Carpet Rental Packages to go with, that are listed on the site here. If you are still doubting what the best red carpet setup is for your event, our professionals are always available to visit the venue and go over the best options!