Thursday, February 10, 2022

Installing high-quality signage for your business can help you stand out from competitors and will help you get noticed from passersby. But how do you make the right decision when it comes to choosing signage, especially when there is so much to choose from? We will make it a little bit easier for you by explaining five things to consider when buying a sign. 


swing sign signage design exterior

Regulations and sign permits

Something important to take into consideration are the types of permits you may need to be able to legally install your sign. Depending on the type of sign and your location, legal regulations may vary. There are local planning commissions, landmark commissions, city and state ordinances and Department of Transportation restrictions. It can all be intimidating. It is important to communicate with a sign professional to navigate the process before getting started. 

Types of signs

Varying from awnings to neon letters and vestibules, there are many different product types to choose from. It’s what makes choosing a sign difficult, but fun. Depending on your goals, visions and the space available. Sign professionals can save you valuable time and steer you in the right direction. The experts at Sign Expo are happy to help.


Once the type of sign is decided, the following step is the design process. An important part of the design process is bringing the customers’ vision to life, and that’s why we will provide you with a design mockup first. Once approved, we will start producing and manufacturing the sign in the finest materials and have the best sign professionals ensuring high-quality and result. 


Are you on a budget? Prices vary based on the type of sign, the size, the materials and installation. This is something you should determine as early as possible. We can help avoid hidden costs and suggest the best solution for any budget. 


After the signage is completed and installed, it’s important to maintain it well. Whether it’s an indoor or outdoor sign, there are many external factors to be considered that may damage your signage over time. To always give your customers a great first impression, a fresh looking sign is key. Sign Expo offers quick sign repairs or on-going maintenance services designed to protect your brand image at all times!