Digital Printing

It has revolutionized the printing industry and remains the most modern printing technique used.

Digital printing is a process where a digital image is printed directly onto a medium, without the use of intermediate materials such as printing plates. In analogue printing methods, printing plates must be produced and continuously replaced.

Curious whether digital printing is ideal for your next project? Let’s take a look at the benefits when you choose to go digital:

  1. Economical – mainly because the use of printing plates is not required. 
  2. Quick turnaround time – the printing process has fewer steps involved, hence the final product is delivered quicker.
  3. Customization – it caters well for personalization. Changing information within a single print job is achievable. 
  4. High quality – provides a sharp and precise finish, with less distortion of images

We offer a wide range of digital printing services that are high quality and realistic full color. They include large format printing, display graphics, fleet graphics, Point of purchase advertising, Construction barriers and more.

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