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Real Estate Signs

It’s not what you say,  it’s how you say it?  When it comes to advertising your commercial and retail space, this could not be more spot on. Real estate signs continue to be one of the more traditional and effective ways to advertise commercial and residential properties. Let’s see an outline of some value-adds they… Read more »

Dimensional Letters

Let your signs do the talking! Dimensional letters are an effective way to help reinforce your brand, be it for your company logo, office signs, plaques and building numbers. In addition to their professional and sleek 3D effect, they offer high durability and are low-maintenance post installation.  Looking to go 3D? Our team would love… Read more »

Workplace Partitions

During these unusual times, office desk dividers are more vital than ever. Partitions assist with social distancing and ensuring the safety of all employees. Additional benefits of installing workplace partitions include: Cost effective – plexi partitions, desk dividers & wall dividers are significantly more cost effective compared to other permanent options Instantly improves the office… Read more »

Road to Reopening: NYC Indoor Dining

Did you know the State is developing a COVID-SAFE restaurant standard which will assure New Yorkers of COVID-safety and sanitation practices at restaurants? We have our ears on the ground, for more on those developments. The road to reopening – NYC indoor dining has had its fair share of obstacles. However, we are now closer… Read more »

Steps to a Safe and Sucessful Reopening

Steps to a safe and successful reopening At SIGNEXPO, our #1 goal is to ensure our clients’ success in reopening your business. As you plan to reopen your store or office space, there are several important items to think about for the safety and well-being of your employees and visitors. Be mindful of local, state… Read more »

Meet SignExpo: Day

Meet SignExpo: Day Meet Day. For over 10 years he has been a big part of our team. Day is one of our highly skilled fabricators. Don’t let his youthful appearance fool you. Day has a tremendous amount of experience in every aspect of the signage business from printing, mounting and laminating to color correcting… Read more »

Meet SignExpo: Tim

Meet SignExpo: Tim Meet Tim, Tim is one of our team members and a master sign maker. Tim is in charge of engraving, laser engraving, routing and cutting vinyl. Have you seen our engraving video? That was Tim’s work! Tim has been in the business since 1969, so he knows what he is talking about…. Read more »

Meet SignExpo: Sammy

Meet SignExpo: Sammy If you have worked with SignExpo in the last seven years, chances are you have met Sammy. Sammy is our creative director. He can design your project from scratch, produce the project you already created, handle pre-production, cutting and printing of signs. If all that was not enough, he also assists with… Read more »

Happy Pi day 2019!

Happy Pi day 2019! It is March 14th, that means: Pi day! Pi day is an annual celebration of the mathematical constant π, the number we know as 3,14… How far do you know the number? For the occasion we made a cool Pi sign with our laser cutter. Curious of the proces? See this video: Pi day… Read more »

Plexiglass Sign

Plexiglass Sign Recently we fabricated and installed a sub-plexi digitally printed sign for ‘Geragos and Geragos’. The name sub-plexi may be a little daunting but it simply means that the digital print is mounted on the inside side of the acrylic. Plexiglass signs have many advantages over glass signs. Plexiglas is transparent, flexible and strong…. Read more »