Thursday, February 27, 2024

Great quality translates to longstanding business relationships. This winter, Eataly opened its third New York City location. Eataly Soho at the corner of LaFayette and Broome is the newest opportunity for an authentic Italian culinary experience. Founded in 2007 in Turin, Italy, Eataly has quickly established a global presence with over 40 stores around the world. Additionally, they have become one of the largest Italian food chains in the nation, with a total of nine stores in New York City, Los Angeles, Dallas and San Francisco among other cities.

Sign Expo has a longstanding relationship with Eataly. We first partnered with them during the opening of their first location in New York City in the Toy Building catty corner with the world famous Flatiron building. The management team at Eataly were extremely happy with our work, and have continually worked with us as they grow their presence in the USA.

Eataly exterior signage
Eataly exterior signage 2

Eataly’s new store in Soho not only serves as a restaurant and bar, but also as a marketplace where customers can buy authentic Italian products directly. In multipurpose stores like Eataly, good signage is important to direct customers to the location that serves their needs. Furthermore, good exterior signage can also help your business stand out and send an inviting message to passersby, thereby turning passersby into customers. The correct fonts, materials and colors can all convey a theme and atmosphere for your business.

Eataly interior signage 1
Eataly interior signage 2

Not only did Eataly utilize permanent signage in and around the store, but they also made excellent use of temporary signage in order to generate hype for the new location. With vinyl decals Eataly has been able to promote their upcoming store to tons of passersby while they were preparing for their grand opening. Through coming soon graphics, they are able to create demand for their opening during the build up phases. Advertisements work best through repetition over longer periods of time, and so it is important to already start promoting your business before opening the store.

Eataly is a prime example of how a good use of signage can help the business achieve major success. We are happy that we are entrusted by Eataly to cater to all their signage needs, so they can spread a true taste of Italy around the city.