Let your signage swing!

Swing signs are one of the most common signs choices in New York. Known by many names, swing signs hang directly in front of a store and serve as a simple, easy way to capture people’s attention in nearly any type of location. They make an attractive design for the exterior of your store. Sign… Read more »

Spring is coming!

Now is the perfect time to get your restaurant ready for the warmer weather by adding a sidewalk seating area. New Yorkers will soon be looking for opportunities to enjoy their lunches, brunch’s, dinners and drinks outside under the sun with friends. Adding sidewalk partitions will expand the number of tables you can serve, provides… Read more »

Brighten up your business with Light Boxes

Light boxes are the perfect way to brighten up the dark and rainy days. Even when it isn’t raining your business still gets noticed day and night. People need to see you, your products, your brand and more. Sign Expo makes it easy by handling all the details, so all you will need to do… Read more »

A world in three dimensions

The competition in NYC is fierce. A lot of small businesses have to struggle with it every day. We are living in an age of infobesity. People don’t know where to look when they are walking through streets. How can you make customers find you? The answer is easier than you think. With Sign Expo…. Read more »

Walls need love too

Give your walls a treat and cover their needs. Wall graphics have become an effective way to add a splash of color to offices and brand public areas. We have a wide assortment of materials for all types of surfaces. The Sign Expo team is standing by to assist with any or every aspect of… Read more »

Make Them Stop in their Tracks with Guerilla Marketing

Imagine getting a lot of exposure, brand recognition and goodwill for your brand with a marketing stunt without huge costs and time involved. Possible? Yes. Guerrilla Marketing is the way to go. Many brands such as Coca Cola, Heineken, McDonalds and Red Bull have been using this tactic for years.        A good… Read more »

Increase Profits through Technology

Do you think a multinational supermarket can increase their turnover and market share without adding any branches? The answer is, absolutely!  How? A combination of traditional signage with technology is the key. Multinational supermarket Tesco launched a project in one of the most hard working countries in the world, Korea.  Korean citizens work hard and cannot waste time shopping for groceries…. Read more »

Traditional? Digital? Both?

Traditional Sign, Digital Sign or Both? As business professionals we are faced with hundreds of decisions to make every day. One of the most important decisions is how to get people in the front door with a limited budget. Signs always help but which type of sign should you choose? We would like to make… Read more »

Featured Product of the Week: Awnings

It is one of the first things a customer sees when they approach your business. It can be elegant, modern, vintage, or carry a lot of charm. We are talking about awnings, of course. Whether it is for a hotel, retail store, restaurant, or a single or multi family residence, an awning can affect the… Read more »

The Only 3 Things that Matter in Wayfinding

We are very lucky to have Katie Osborn, Principal Chief Designer and Wayfinding Strategist at Via Collective sharing some essential information about wayfinding in this weeks newsletter. Wayfinding programs can seem overwhelming. With so many components to consider, including destinations, routes, materials, ADA code, architecture, branding, and technology… many ask, “Where do we begin?” The… Read more »