A world in three dimensions

The competition in NYC is fierce. A lot of small businesses have to struggle with it every day. We are living in an age of infobesity. People don’t know where to look when they are walking through streets. How can you make customers find you? The answer is easier than you think. With Sign Expo. We help you to create and fabricate an eye catching sign. But what kind of sign?

Today we would like to introduce you dimensional lettering. When should you use dimensional lettering? Dimensional lettering is always a good choice. It gives businesses a professional image and especially if your business is surrounded by other businesses dimensional lettering makes yours literally stand out.There are a lot of reason why dimensional letters are so popular. They are not only leaving a long lasting impression, but are also easy to notice, remember and to recall. They have a high visibility and readability due to the 3-D effect.You can install them indoor and outdoor – both looks good. And last but not least they give your sign more life.

post tuesdayIMG_9974

You want a dimensional lettering sign? Sure! Give us a call 212.925.8585 or email us signs@signexpo.com today!

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