A Basic guide on ADA Signs

According to the ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act), any public building is required to post ADA signage throughout. These buildings include, but are not limited to, office buildings, school campuses, manufacturing plants and warehouses, hotels, restaurants and bars, and municipal buildings.


Below we have put together a basic informational guide by answering some frequently asked questions on ADA signs.

  1. What is the purpose of ADA signs?

They are specifically made to help ensure accessibility so that individuals, including those with visual or other sensory disabilities, are able to easily locate and read them, visually or through braille or tactile touch.

  1. Where are ADA signs required?

An ADA compliant sign is required for every permanent room or space in a building.

  1. What signs require Braille and which do not?

Signs designating permanent rooms and spaces must have braille. Directional and informational signs are not required to have braille. 

  1. Do I need ADA compliant signs in the stairwells of my building?

Yes, commercial buildings are required to have tactile signs that  identify the floor, stair and exit levels. Tactile signs are also required by every elevator, to identify restrooms and permanent rooms in a building.

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