5 Elements of Effective Holiday Signs

As your business gears up for a successful holiday season campaign, there are various crucial aspects to consider as you set up your signage. Signage is essential in building brand awareness, increasing sales, providing a competitive advantage and communicating your products & services.

Below is a snapshot of the 5 key elements to consider:

  1. Consistency – Get as creative as possible, while keeping in mind your brand guidelines, they are key. Maintain brand recognition with your consumers by incorporating the core aspects of your brand in your design & graphics.
  2. Visibility – ensure your holiday signs are placed in strategic positions for maximum visibility. Mark the high-traffic spots to easily grab the attention of customers, especially those in a rush!  
  3. Simple & clear – check that your message is clutter free and easy to read.    
  4. Lighting – incorporate lighting to your business premises. It’s a great way to highlight your signage, and stand out even more.  
  5. Revamp – to easily entice increased interest for your business, reinforce your brand personality and presence by revamping your existing signage. 

The holidays are a perfect time to refresh and rebuild your brand and ultimately grow in sales.

Some terrific options to use include Neon signs, Illuminated signs, Flags & Banners and Digital displays.

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